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Bar, snack and restaurant 

Thirsty ? Come and join us at the bar ! From a small expresso to an ambitious cocktail, check our card or ask the staff who is always pleased to help you and serve you what you wish ! We are dedicated to serving quality products, as for example our fruit juices, our regional drinks, our wines or our home made cocktails. You can order day and night, directly at the bar or ask the waiters, but you can also just settle down on the terrace, chat between friends, or make some new ones... There is absolutely no obligation to consume, you can spend your time with whom you want and as you wish ! 

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Because we all know that it is never good to drink on an empty stomach, we also invite you to take a look at our menu card and enjoy a delicious meal in our restaurant; we have a varied card with high quality food. We choose fresh and local products as much as we can. We constantly try to please all (young & old!) by serving dishes, prepared in respect of the current hygiene ( HACCP) rules. Of course you will find several Perigourdine dishes, but not just only ! Inspired by our wishes, our travels and a tiny bit of our 'craziness' , we propose a menu which changes every day with a soup, a main dish and a desert, for 17 euros. We think of everyone and have also included vegetarian and vegan meals on our menu.

We also organize evenings with special menus based on differents themes such as wine, walnuts, but also medieval times, movies, hawaii or optical illusions! In a more traditional way, we light the barbecue once a week to propose you an «all you can eat» barbecue with some delicately grilled meat, fish, and french fries, salads and watermelons on the side. So come and enjoy a lovely evening with us including laughter, good fun, and, we hope, full and delighted stomachs!

If you prefer, you also can also order some take away food, all day and evening; you can choose to order snacks or other dishes available on the menu card. Just tell us at what time you want to pick it up... And there you go, at your pitch, on the terrasse or anywhere you want! All you have to do is enjoy your food !
If you don't have a dish to put your snacks in, don't worry; we have some plates at your disposal that you can use, and we trust you to bring it back once you're done with it. Or we pack the dish in in recyclable materials.