Les Tailladis has a small lake fed by the river called 'La Beune', which flows past the campsite, and a heated swimming pool.

So you can decide to swim in the pool, but also to throw your rod in the lake! The heated swimming pool is open all season from 15 April to 31 October . Cool off nicely by taking a dip! Take off unnecessary clothing and trade it in for your favorite swimsuit. Feel like a drink or an ice cream, then walk past the bar and order something delicious: it is always a pleasure here! Even the little ones are not forgotten: right next to the large swimming pool is a paddling pool with a waterfall ... sometimes very popular with the elderly!

Once you have bathed enough and your fingers are completely wrinkled, let your hands flutter while practicing the most favorite sport of our campers: pétanque or jeu de boules! We regularly organize competitions between campers where different, randomly chosen, teams compete against each other. Until the number of three winners is reached, who then play against the amazing"H" Team ! A sporty atmosphere, an excellent mood and lots of laughter are standard.

Every week, depending on the possibilities and the weather, Yuri organizes and guides a canoe trip on the Dordogne, where he knows the best places to swim and have a picnic.
During the season we organize theme evenings with accompanying activities such as a quiz, games, a show ... During the high season a pop / rock band performs twice a month so you can enjoy good food and good dancing; but whether you decide to have dinner with us or not, join us and swing along with us until midnight!
We also arrange visits to castles, gardens and caves, always accompanied by a member of the team so that everyone, in terms of language, can fully enjoy the visit.
Do not hesitate to regularly check the activity board or ask the staff for information.