– Restaurant and professional kitchen rental

Formula 1 « restaurant, kitchen and bar »
Includes the restaurant rental for a day, evening and the morning after, tables and chairs, but also our « playroom » with books, games and satellite television included, fully equipped kitchen, dishes, bar, glasses and dish washers. Drinks and food not included.
→ 400 euros incl. VAT
Extra day : 80 euros incl. VAT
Rental accommodations
Includes cleaning before and after use, heat and electricity
→ 50 euros incl. VAT per chalet and per night
→ 40 euros incl. VAT per mobil-home and per night
→ 5 euros incl. VAT per person for a linen kit (sheets and towels)
-Price of the deposit (not collected): €400 - 15% reduction on the total price when renting all 10 rentals.
includes installation of the barrel, and full access to the bar
→ starting as of 40 euros incl. VAT according to the size and the type of beer 

Formula 2 : « Event planner »

With this formula, we offer to meet in advance, talk over the idea of the party you want to organize and we give you a proposal. We are specialized in the creation of parties with special themes. In our tema we have a cook and several catering employees and an educated employee, specialized in childhood; you can explain what you wish for your event and we will make a menu, cocktails, animation proposal for you. Step by step we'll arrive to a final result which will be exactly what you wish, 100% according to your wishes!
It is possible to decorate the restaurant according to the chosen theme and to hire our staff for the occasion.

→ price adapted to each event 

Formula 3 : « a child's dream »

With this formula, you'll have a direct contact with our educated employee, specialized in childhood, who 'll see with you what you wish to organize for your child. Birthday, party between friends, activities... You'll discuss together about what seems to be most appropriate for your event and she'll organize activities, materials, food, cakes, for you. She can decorate the restaurant and the play/tv room according to the chosen theme and she can also stay with you all day to animate the children, so you can fully enjoy your day without having to run after a dozen of wild children!

→ price adapted to each event.